Monday, 30 May 2011

Take Action: Labour Behind the Label's Sandblasting Campaign

If you would like to get involved: IT STARTS HERE.

Day one of Killer Jeans Action Week
You can join campaigners around the country this week in taking action to tell the fashion industry that sandblasting kills, and it MUST BE BANNED.
Day One Action >>
Tell friends on facebook that you think killer jeans are wrong by making this picture your profile image:

When you do this, you can also update your status. Perhaps try 'I don't think fashion to die for should cause workers to die' OR 'Worn and faded patches on jeans are often done using sandblasting - a technique which causes a fatal lung disease in workers.  I think this is wrong' OR 'I don't wear Killer Jeans. Do you? See Labour Behind the Label page to get involved.'
Get clued up >>
If you haven't yet found out about sandblasting and the fatal effects of distressed denim on workers, please do check out our microsite
Check out Labour Behind the Label on Facebook:
P.S. Shhh but... Right now in the centre of Brighton, activists are slipping secret messages into the the pockets of jeans to tell consumers about the fatal effects of distressed denim.

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  1. They make masks to protect you. these masks are actually reccomended to be worn. ...I suppose some neglect to wear them. Clothing manufacturers should not be punished.(unless of course they do not supply proper equipment)
    banning sandblasting will not save inconsiderate people from not taking care of themselves or, their workers. It would only make workers, who sandblast safely for a living, angry.